Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Vikings and Gaels and Harpies, a Dwarf Wizard, Normans and a woman with a child

So I've been painting miniatures on and off and finally I got around to photographing them. As you can tell from the title, it's a bit of a random assortment.

They all seem to be brawling over control of a small Dark Age style hovel.

These are Foundry vikings. Personally I'm not convinced by the historicity of the breastplate. The beards and hair are a little too wild and unkempt too, if you ask me.

The fellow with the horn is Citadel IIRC, while the other two are Foundry.

Suddenly three fierce Harpies (Foundry) appear, intent on capturing the hovel.

Using their superior mobility, the Harpies displace the Vikings...

... but the Vikings rally.

Here a Dwarf wizard with a crow familiar (Oathmark) and three Celtos Gaels have taken possession of the hovel. Not sure where the Vikings and Harpies are up to, but if the opportunity is there it'd be foolish not to take it.

The Gaels have not accounted for the small handful of Citadel Normans. Off to the side we can see woman with a child. She's Citadel as well and, I think, somewhat later than the Norman era.

Things are getting confusing now. The Normans have the hovel, but one Gael swordswoman are still among their lines.

Confusion reigns. Who is fighting whom? Maybe it's all just for show...

In the end, the Harpies reappear and claim the hovel. Most likely they're feasting on the bones of the slain.

I still have to varnish the minis, but otherwise they are done. 


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    1. Thanks :)
      Took me a while to paint them... I'm slow like that.