Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Twelve More For the Shield Walll

Here are twelve dark age warrior types. I'll most likely use them as viking javelin hurlers or Saxon fyrd. In any case, their only armour is their shields and their bloody minded determination to return home to their farms and families after the fight. These are not the social elite of their societies, nor are they the cream of the crop of the battle field. They'll have to rely on strength in numbers and the skills of their leaders to prevail in battle.

They'll probably also do some duty as bandits, minions, and retainers in D&D and other rpgs as the opportunity arises.

In any case, here are the lads...

... bravely charging across a muddy field, out of a humble cottage. As an aside, I think the middle fellow has a bit of a Jeremy Corbyn cast to his facial features.

And here they are, bravely charging at the humble cottage, presumably because the enemy is hiding inside.

These were primarily painted using the new Citadel contrast paints. Some of them were pretty good, shaving significant time off with the "paint and shade in one go" capability. However, the results vary greatly between shades, with some being too watery and faint for the alleged colour, and others coming out too solid in my opinion. The paints aren't a one stop solution across the board, but some of them offer useful features depending on the colour and what you're after.

As for the minis themselves, they're the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors in plastic.

For my part, I'm mostly happy to actually finishing a few more minis.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Actually Painted Miniatures: Adventurers Ready For Adventure!

Actually Painted Miniatures are posts where I show miniatures I painted "a while ago".

You probably can't quite see it in this picture, but the Bretonnian damsel (second from the left) got an undershirt courtesy of yours truly. The original model is quite committed to showing cleavage and apparently - at the time I painted her - I thought it was a bit much and applied some green stuff.

The watery looking lady on the left is from Reaper, as is the middle lass in red, and the one with the staff (second from the right). The aforementioned damsel is from GW (and still current, I believe), while the prophetess on the right is a Citadel mini for their Talisman board game, back in the day.

Five magic-uses in one party. Let's hope they're well past the first level.

These are all Citadel minis of varying vintage - some lead, some pewter - except the halfling (second from the left) who's a reaper mini.

Looks to me like three fighters (dwarf, elf, human), two thieves (halfling, elf), a ranger (human), and a magic-user (human).

Four of these lovelies are minis for the original Talisman game - the witch, the druid, the rogue, and the wizard. Last guy is an old GW Elf back when they were a bit more fierce.

I feel like the party balance is less than ideal, but I suppose two magic-users, a druid, a thief, and one fighter could be okay if they pick their adventures with care.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Actually Painted Miniatures: More High Elves

Actually Painted Miniatures are posts where I show miniatures I painted "a while ago".

The cavalry unit was supposed to be High Elf Dragon Princes, back when Warhammer Fantasy was a going concern. They're kitbashed from GW parts - the steeds are the most recent Silver Helm horses, while the riders are Dark Elf Cold One Knights, with the most dark elfy stuff removed.

I did manage to use them in a few games and they did kill some enemies here and there.

The infantry standard bearer is from Wargames Foundry, with the banner pole placed into the hand with the help of a drill and some good will. The cavalry standard bearer is an old lead Dark Elf Cold One rider by GW, from who knows how long ago. I shaved off a crossbow and made a (not very good and thankfully out of view on this photo) cloak out of green stuff.

The images on the banners are lifted from the art of Kay Nielsen.

Two brave banner bearers. One with an unfinished base, but to make up for it her shield is magnetized.

Rangers of Shadow Deep

I just purchased Rangers of Shadow Deep.

It is - based on what I've seen on the internet (and therefore categorically believable) - a solo or co-op miniature skirmish game. From what I've seen on the Facebook group, it seems pretty interesting.

It's by the same Joseph McCullough fellow who's behind Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and the forthcoming Oathmark games.

Here's what the cover of the book looks like:

Very atmospheric, no?

I'm going to read it to see whether it's suitable to introduce to the wife and a few friends. I might even review it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Actually Painted Miniatures: High Elves

Actually Painted Miniatures are posts where I show miniatures I painted "a while ago".

I fielded a High Elf army in several editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. The sad reality is that very few of the units were fully painted and based... and with WFB's sad demise it's an open question whether or when I'll finish the several "mostly painted" units I have. But I did get some things painted.

Here are some of the more heroic elements of the army:

An Elven King, a wood elf falcon rider sans rider standing in for a giant eagle, a dragon rider mounted on a giant eagle, a wizard, and an earth elemental (which never actually joined the army since the winds of magic appeared). Everything is citadel, and except the birds they're all lead.

I'm pretty sure they've achieved heroic deeds on the battlefield, but I mostly recall the times they fled off the table, blew themselves up, or otherwise failed to live up to their full Elven potential.

Skarloc's lot are another batch of old lead miniatures. Of course, even before GW killed off Warhammer Fantasy Battle it had been impossible to field Elf archers with shields for several editions - Wood, High, or Dark - it didn't matter.

There were a lot more of them in the box. Alas, I've lost the standard bearer along the way somewhere :(

Actually Painted Miniatures: Villains and Goblins!

Actually Painted Miniatures are posts where I show miniatures I painted "a while ago".

Here are four peasants (and their two wolfhounds) ready for trouble. Mostly they've served as innocent bystanders or easily disposable mooks in various rpgs.

"Come on boys, we'll show them!"

Similarly, these five lads (or lasses, hard to tell with goblins) have stood in for all manner of one or two hit-dice D&D humanoids over the years. The three on the round bases are individually based snotlings, while the other two are pewter citadel night goblins.

The cougar... I think it's an ancient Citadel mini, but I'm not sure.

"Rawr! We're not afraid of ANYTHING (until it fights back, at least)."

Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Couple of Chaos Warriors

It looks like Slaanesh is about to make a reappearance in Age of Sigmar (and 40K), so I finished up a couple of Chaos Warriors I started a while ago. In theory, they were colour scheme tests for the old metal Chaos Warriors I have lying around - trying to find a quick and dirty technique that'd still do them justice.

Instead, I think my conclusion is that I'll paint each one of them individually whenever the mood strikes me.

Anyhow, here they are:

The fellow on the left is clearly a Slaanesh devotee, as indicated by the pink gloves and boots. The other chap is more generic, black and gold - but I see no reason he can't be Slaaneshi as well. Everyone likes to have a good time, right?

Whoever lives in that hovel is not in for a good time, I reckon.